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Waving Olympic FlagAfter launching CityCaucus last December, we've been busy providing you with an array of coverage on a number of issues facing Canadian cities. Whether it's densification, garbage pickup, backyard chickens, or ballooning police budgets, we've been there to give you our perspective.

With the mother of all events coming to one of Canada's largest cities in less than six months, we've decided to provide our readers with a series of special posts on the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games.

How will my perspective on the Games be different from other bloggers and the mainstream media? Well, in my former life, I worked as the Director of Communications for an organization known as 2010 Legacies Now. They are dedicated to helping all BC communities get a legacy from the upcoming Games.

In addition, for almost 3 years I worked behind the scenes at Vancouver City Hall as the most crucial components of the Olympic/Paralympic planning were being undertaken. I also had the great privilege of traveling to Torino, Italy with former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan for that historic moment when he accepted the Olympic flag on behalf of Canada.

I hope to write a series of posts in the lead up to the Games on my previous Olympic experiences and how Vancouver compares. A special series of posts will include some never before reported stories on the lead up to the Torino Olympic Games including the journey of the historic Oslo Olympic flag back to Vancouver.

The Olympic Games are the biggest event to hit a Canadian city in the last 20 years and as such, we believe our readers will enjoy this special series. The first posts will begin to appear in September, so check back here for more!

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