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Coun. Raymond Louie speaks at a special morning presentation of Superdogs at the PNE

As we predicted earlier, Vancouver's most ambitious city politician, Councillor Raymond Louie, who crowned himself King of the PNE much to the amazement of several Vision Vancouver supporters, is leaving his mark on this year's fair.

We caught this post by Vancouver blogger Ashley Chow, who took the photo above, where she describes seeing the black-suited politician boring the kids and families who were desperately waiting to see the frantic pups perform.

One of the first things I did was go to grab a spot at the Superdogs show @ 10am. Normal days at the PNE don’t have Superdogs shows in the morning. This was a special one, some sort of “opening ceremony” with Raymond Louie (the chair of the PNE, something or other).

As you can see by the tone of Ashley's post, she too wonders what the heck the guy in the suit had to do with those dogs. Even PNE President Mike McDaniel (pictured right of Louie) had the sense to dress down in khakis and a golf shirt. Sheesh, must the dress code always be "business," Raymond?

If you've not visited the Fair yet, there's still plenty of time to see Raymond Louie and the Superdogs right through Labour Day. And that guy at Gate 1 wearing a black suit yelling "WINNA HOWSE WINNA CAAR!" Raymond Louie. The person shrieking on the roller coaster? Louie. The Elvis impersonator? Fortunately, not Coun. Louie, but we hear he auditioned for the show.


At City Hall, the joke is that Raymond is the only civic politician who takes a shower with his suit on. Clearly, he also wears the same dark suit to the PNE. Word is that Louie has been at EVERY event possible in his endless quest to one day become Vancouver's mayor.

Less of a joke at City Hall would be the spectacle of Louie becoming Mayor.

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