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BC's cherry harvest is a huge bounty for 2009, driving prices way down

There's not much we can do about Mother Nature, which blessed BC's fruit farmers with months of amazing sun and warmth. The above photo I took a couple of weeks ago at an Okanagan cherry orchard. I was struck by how much red, ripe fruit hung on the branches of every tree, I thought they were going to almost topple over.

Then the farm's manager told me the glum news. The price of cherries had "collapsed," and it might be hard to have a profitable year after all the costs of growing and harvesting are added up. The Vancouver Sun confirms this in a recent report.

The politics of "eating local" weigh heavy over Vancouver's City Council, who have made symbolic gestures on this front by turning the front lawn of City Hall into a vegetable garden, and drafting a backyard chicken policy for residents.

Now's the time if you want to support local farming with your wallet. Head to your favourite grocery store and buy BC grown produce. Or ask them to get our blueberries and cherries in on the shelves if they don't already. There is a strong possibility they'll be selling fruit from the USA, so it's best to check.

If your grocery store won't sell BC grown fruit, then shop where they do. Let's try to drive up the demand by eating more of this luscious, tasty locally-grown fruit.

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