No appeal of court ruling that turfed out councillor for lying

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Former White Rock councillor James Coleridge decided not to appeal a supreme court ruling which stripped him of his council seat for lying

We previously wrote about the case of James Coleridge, a former councillor who was ousted from his seat on White Rock council due to the fact a judge ruled he lied to the public. When we last reported on this issue, we weren't certain whether Coleridge was going to appeal the historic ruling. Despite disagreeing with the judge's ruling, we can confirm that Coleridge decided not to appeal the decision due to the cost.

Noting that fighting the original court case cost him $60,000, here is what Coleridge told the Peace Arch News:

I don’t agree with the decision, but I respect it. While an appeal could make sense personally... it doesn’t make any financial sense.

As for whether this could be a precedent for other civic politicians who are caught telling fibs to the public, Coleridge stated this is:

a wakeup call for a lot of people

A costly by-election is now set for September 12th. Despite persistent rumours that he might take a run at the seat again, Coleridge is not one of the declared candidates.

At the end of the day, the judge's ruling in this case stands and it now becomes precedent for future consideration. I can only imagine that we haven't heard the last of this type of court case, and you can expect a few other civic politicians might be facing similar challenges in the future.

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