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Lawn sign campaign in Toronto stinks more than the recent garbage strike

Now that the stench of the summer garbage strike in Toronto is over, another smelly activity seems to be getting underway. A number of yellow lawn signs are starting to appear all over Toronto which state "David Miller is an Idiot".

I've been involved in public/political life for the better part of two decades and have watched over the years as the level of political discourse has continued to drop. This latest campaign by a bunch of people who wish to remain anonymous is a new low and I predict is doomed to failure.

I am totally supportive of people attacking or supporting Mayor David Miller for his policies, but resorting to this type of sleezy lawn sign campaign as a means of pushing him out of office is wrong-headed.

Firstly, it discourages good people from ever considering getting into public life. Why would you even consider becoming an urban politician when your friends and family might be exposed to this type of nonsense. That's why the private sector will remain much more appealing compared to public life.

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