Good returns for next edition of NW civic affairs panel

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After a three week absence, Bill Good, CTV six o'clock news anchor and host of the top-rated Bill Good Show will be back in the driver's seat. You can expect the issue of new tobacco license fees, Olympic apathy and the tragic death of Curtis Brick will be on deck for discussion by the panelists.

cknw_logo.pngIf you're in your office, you can tune in via the internet by clicking on the "live" audio button every Tuesday at 9 am PST. CKNW can be found at 980 on the dial.

cbc-logo.pngJoining Daniel Fontaine on the panel are Frances Bula, blogger and journalist and Jim Green, development consultant.

Be sure to tune in to Erin Chutter, regular contributor as she appears every Monday at 7:20 on the CBC's Early Edition with Rick Cluff. You can find CBC in Vancouver at 690 on the AM dial.


Tuned in this morning. Good show but where do they find the callers? One hating on children in restaurants, one praising the benefits of Singapore-government, etc.

My favourite part was Bill Good's response to the guy suggesting children not be allowed in restaurants:

"Are you kidding?"

I'll definitely be back next week.

I do like the civic affaris pannel, but I can not stand Frances Bula. If she had it her way, we would all give up our cars, our houses, and our clothes and sit naked around the Art Gallery singing kum-ba-ya and smoking pot. This women is completely out of touch with reality. Does she even know that it takes trucks and roads to ship goods from the farms to the City? The way she talks, food would just magically appear out of thin air if we could just simply get rid of all of the roads and cars within the City.

Then there is Jim Green - I like the banter between him and Daniel Fontaine. But Jim Green is a dinosaur from another era - one that should recognize that his ideas and opinions are extinct in a modern world. Every response that he has is selfish and self-motivated designed to ensure his company and developments, along with his business friends, get their money.

It's not just the callers that are bad but the whole pannel, with the exception of Daniel and Bill, seems like they are out of touch with reality today. How about some new blood and new ideas on there.

Check out!

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