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Double the fun: Mayor Meggs and Mike Klassen in CTV's top story tonight

It was only a sneak peek, not much more than a few still photos like the ones we published a few days ago, but this CTV video story is just about all you're allowed to see at this point thanks to a curious decision by Vancouver City Hall. Ostensibly about "security," reporters have been limited in showing progress on the Millennium Water Southeast False Creek development due to a decision by higher ups at 12th & Cambie.

Why, no one really seems to know.

Reporter Bob Mackin covers the 2010 Games beat for 24 Hours newspaper, and he earlier posted video taken on the same tour described in a recent post. Like CTV's Shannon Paterson, Mackin asked the powers that be over at City Hall, and couldn't get a definitive answer.

It's a curious strategy, given the public anxiety around this project. You'll just have to take the word of Mayor Meggs, me, and Mackin that things are going to be o-kay.

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