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Ride the whole Canada Line in 10 minutes: exclusive video

Today is the day to celebrate the opening of the Canada Line, the most important addition to Metro Vancouver's transportation infrastructure in years. This afternoon thousands will descend upon the system for their first look, and a free ride on the new Richmond-Vancouver subway route. I expect that it will be as exhilarating for riders as it was for me on Friday, when I shot this exclusive video.

In our ten-minute video you get a ride on the entire Canada Line route, and get a look at all the stations, from Waterfront to YVR & to Brighouse/Richmond City Hall. You also learn interesting details about the line courtesy of the SNC Lavelin staffer joining me for the ride.

The debate will continue as to whether it was worth the risk and the cost, and whether the lack of any real plan to increase density on the majority of the line will hinder its chances for success. For now, let's just be thankful that the disruption of the construction is over, and that we have a great new system to move people across our city.

Thanks very much to staff at SNC Lavelin and InTransitBC for allowing to have this exclusive early look at the Canada Line.


Great vid Mike! About to ride the trains very soon! BTW, I noticed you captured a red brick building with arched columns and skylights that was to the right of the Marine Drive Station. That building was actually designed by my dad, an architect.


No luggage racks.
How stupid is that?!?!

Why is this such a small town?

Airport to downtown via subway!! This Torontonian is very jealous.

Looks like a beautiful line and as someone who worships at the alter of public transit, I heartily congratulate Vancouver for this magnificent addition to the city.

Luggage fits *under* the seat to be close at hand for comfort and security. Not all travelers can lift bags over their head.

I didn't lift luggage over my head in Amsterdam or London.
It's not a plane you know.

Check out!

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