Weekend gridlock an "absolute nightmare"

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Burrard Bridge lane closure to cars has people, ahem, talking

If you avoided going downtown this weekend, just like the Thursday afternoon press release advised, then you probably are a little less grumpy than those who got stuck in gridlock. Both the Granville Street and Burrard bridges were bumper to bumper according to this GlobalTV BC report.

Well it's July 13th, the beginning of the 3-month, $1.45 million Burrard Bridge "experiment" that Mayor Robertson and his colleagues have bet their political capital on succeeding. It certainly has people talking enough that we're almost moving on from Michael Jackson...almost.

Today is the launch of a new service of CityCaucus.com that we're calling simply, GregorsGridlock.com.

At the page we've set up you can get all the latest and best information about the Burrard Bridge lane reallocation, who's talking about it, links and resources that show that this little culture war that's broken out was completely avoidable had Vision handled it better.

We look forward to hearing your views on Gregor's Gridlock, and so will our readers.


Maybe motorists are behind the times? Maybe it's time to think a little bit and try to make some changes instead of getting angry about it . . . it's the same whenever a 'regime' change happens . . . yet we wouldn't be here today if all the squares didn't get left in the dust when times need to change.

10:30 AM Vancouver Sun is reporting "Trouble-free start to Burrard Bridge bike experiment"


The article has a special mention for oft-in-the-news-lately Councillor Kerry Jang:

"Councillor Kerry Jang, the only self-professed car-loving councillor, drove across the bridge this morning. He said there was no delay."

Where are the studies that support what the Mayor is spouting? About safety, number of cars, why less people are driving to work, number of pedestrians, etc etc. Really, does opening one laneway on a bridge change my mind to take a bicycle to work? No. We are being hoodwinked.

If you ever bothered to do any research, you would have realized that the traffic issues this weekend were as a result of the paving of Pacific, which was scheduled anyway due to the poor quality of the road surface. The city co-ordinated the paving of Pacific with set up for the trial to save money and decrease the number of days of traffic disruption. If they did not do this, they would have had to stripe the road twice after the repaving.

The other problem this weekend was the Underwear Affair, a fund raising run that closed a lane on the east side of the bridge.

Bottom line is that the delays would have happened anyway and had little or nothing to do with the trial.

It is amazing how desperate you guys are and how willing you are to either purposely or accidentally spread misinformation.

"At the page we've set up you can get all the latest and best information about the Burrard Bridge lane reallocation, who's talking about it, links and resources that show that this little culture war that's broken out was completely avoidable had Vision handled it better."

So basically, it's propaganda. You've set up a clear editorial slant, a point of view, that this source will endorse and clearly expressed that to the point where nothing printed on it can breally be trustworthy. Whatever happened to not judging the success of something until after there is actually evidence to its success? You have absolutely no credibility.

That video does nothing to further your arguments.

If you watch it, the "gridlock" was caused by vehicles traveling northbound - the side of the bridge unaffected by a lane closure. Hmmmm...could it be the paving, the charity run, the construction work that was happening?

Paving was for the benefit of motorists and people were warned in strong terms that there would be "massive delays" on the weekend.

The quote "absolute nightmare" was in reference to crashes on highways.

This is not a new story worth any merit. Citycaucus, can you try for substance over hyberbole, please?

Oh, right...gregorsgridlock.com.
Uh huh, nevermind.

When the citycaucus crew has to eat crow on this, will you be wanting it served bbq-ed, steamed, or in a nice cream sauce?

You goofs have a picture of the Granville Bridge, not Burrard.


This site is a sensationalist joke.

Maybe crowquets?

City Caucus... surely a word play on what you're thinking with.

Hey, it's probably a stolen image clip anyways. I wonder if they asked permission to post this one?

City Caucus will oppose anything that vision vancouver comes does regardless if its a good idea or not.

Gregor's Gridlock is aptly named - just because it has not occured yet on day one does not mean it's not going to. I suspect that the traffic will be alright given the fact that it is summer. But wait until September comes when everyone is back at work or going to university - then you will see the stupidity of this idea.

Speaking of stupidity - the person above who said that the picture was of Granville Bridge. Umm, put the joint down - that's the Burrard Bridge. Idiot.

In all seriousness, if Gregor and, by extension, people who ride a bike, want to increase their safety then here's a suggestion - put on a helmet. Oh, and purchase insurance for your bikes so that when you hit my car because of your stupidity, I can recoop my money.


That's much more aptly named for your lack of intelligence. The picture is of the Burrard Bridge. It's not the Granville Bridge.


The "picture" at the top of this page is a youtube video showing the Granville Bridge.
I have no names to call anybody.

Steve, Gerry - look at the above picture again.

That is not the Burrard Bridge - it is in fact the Granville Bridge.

You guys ever taken it? It's not that big and it has these heritage thingies that you have to drive under...

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