Vision's star commissioner fails to appear in court - again

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The courtroom remains empty as it patiently awaits the appearance of Vision's Park Board Commissioner Constance Barnes who said she would plead guilty to drinking and driving

Reports are starting to come in that Vision Vancouver's "star" commissioner was a no show in court - yet again. Last week we reported that Vancouver Park Board Commissioner Constance Barnes was set to make an appearance in court on July 20th to plead guilty to drinking and driving. This was after she (and her lawyer) failed to appear in court for the original June 29th date set by the courts.

We've now been told the case has been put forward to August 10th at which time she may finally enter a plea.

At some point the Mayor is going to have to weigh in on this one and help to explain to the public what is happening to his "star" caucus colleague. I know if the same thing had happened to one of former NPA Mayor Sam Sullivan's colleagues, he would have been hounded by his critics for weeks by now. Without any real scrutiny, Robertson has barely broken into a sweat on this one.

What is strange about all of this is that Barnes initially told the public at a news conference she was going to plead guilty and immediately seek treatment. Now it is unclear if she will plead guilty or if she plans to fight the charge.

Barnes is currently on a paid leave from her role as a Park Board commissioner. She was first elected back in November 2008 and subsequently admitted she drove her car into a South Vancouver home while under the influence of alcohol.

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