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Park Commissioner Constance Barnes recently drove her car into someone's home in South Vancouver then admitted to driving drunk (photo merely an illustration of what can happen)

It's not been that long since we first heard that Constance Barnes, Vision's star commissioner, had driven her car into the side of a South Vancouver home. A week later, Barnes subsequently admitted that she drove drunk and that she was going to seek counselling for her alcohol addiction. She was scheduled to make a court appearance a few weeks back, but we reported that she was a no show.

Today at 1:30 pm Barnes is scheduled to be in court with her lawyer to plead guilty to the charge of driving while intoxicated. Our sources tell us that this time, Barnes (and her lawyer) will actually make an appearance before the judge and submit her plea.

It is not known at this time as to what type of sentence the judge might impose, but given Barnes has already started counseling and temporarily quit her post with the Park Board (at full pay), you can expect the judge will be somewhat sympathetic to her.

Vision also had to previously deal with a public relations nightmare when Councillor Tim Stevenson declared he had lost his drivers license due to getting caught drinking and driving. It took Stevenson almost a year to reveal this information to the public.


Boy, I wonder if anyone reading (seeing) the picture will actually read the disclaimer:

(photo merely an illustration of what can happen)

I guess if you are posting in this blog then its okay.

I understand that Ms Barnes was the driver in an earlier accident that left a passenger crippled for life. As she was a minor at the time, her late father Emery was successfully sued in court for damages, which were beyond the minimum $50,000 liability coverage the vehicle carried at the time. I also understand this debt is still outstanding.

Where is the personal accountability Ms Barnes promised after this latest smash-up? Has she been chipping away at the debt her late father assumed on her behalf? Read the details:

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