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Family fun with the NPA at the Nat

Staff here at CityCaucus Tower tonight just about fell off their squeaky 2nd hand office chairs when not one but two unpredictable events took place.

The first we just reported earlier. Vision Vancouver's City Hall are actually undertaking a public consultation. There was stunned disbelief in our research department. The young underpaid scamps who monitor our media even logged out of their Facebook pages for a few minutes to savour the moment.

But it wasn't the first shockwave to hit us. Another item came completely out of the blue. The NPA awoke from a summer hibernation.

First we learned that the Grand Ol' Association had updated their website with a bulletin for the first time in 4 months. It reads a bit like a Suzanne Anton newsletter thanks to no news from Park or School Board, but it feels like a step in the right direction. In the past the NPA board have been overly cautious about sharing "political" news with its membership, much to its detriment.

Then an even bigger NPA surprise followed. They're actually reaching out to their supporters. You can hear Jon Stewart giving one of his famous, Whaaaaaaaa? remarks. It's not on the website yet (that would be asking too much) but NPAers are being asked to bring family members out to a night at Nat Bailey Stadium for cold beer, hot dogs and slow pitch Canadians' baseball.

If you want to go to this event, which is at the end of this month, contact the NPA through their website. We can't vouch for a quick response, but hopefully they'll read this and respond to inquiries.

We should point out that the political BBQ season is upon us, and we understand COPE are doing their annual Salmon Cookout thingy, and Vision Vancouver are in a full-court press membership renewal drive/summer fun event.

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