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Vancouver's Gordon Price goes to bat for Seattle in a debate

One of the favourite people of staff here at is former City Councillor and now Director of SFU's City Program Gord Price, also a fine blogger in his own right. We caught this GlobalTV coverage a couple of weeks back where he was asked to defend neighbouring Seattle in a debate about the strengths of the Emerald City and Price's native Vancouver.

Sticking up for Vancouver was Peter Steinbrueck, architect and former member of Seattle's City Council. There's an account of the "Great Urban Debate" here in the Seattle PI, along with some rousing reader comments and links to bloggers who attended the event.

Another favourite is our pal Michael Geller, also a blogger and sometimes a guest editorialist here. Michael was invited to present at the Seattle chapter of the Urban Land Institute to talk about which city is "greener." See Michael's feature column in the Vancouver Sun about this.

While we've struggled ourselves here at to understand how a few symbolic gestures by Mayor Robertson will help Vancouver to be the "greenest city," it's interesting to note in Geller's story that the Mayor's greenest city boast gets a few titters down south:

I talked about the mayor of Vancouver's desire to be the greenest city in the world, and while the American delegates did not laugh, they did smile, since both Seattle and Portland are considered the two most sustainable cities in the United States.

We've also written recently about Seattle here, and we think that there's much that we can learn from our Cascadian cousins to the south.

It might have been by chance, but I noticed that during the Global piece Price sits in front of a framed illustration of our city that the Vancouver City Planning Commission awarded him for his service to that body.

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