Prototype "Greenest City" HEAT shelter announced by Mayor

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Also known as "Gregor's Treehouse," these new homes could solve many of Vancouver's problems has received exclusive photos of the latest brainchild of Vancouver's Farmboy Mayor. After a brief meeting between his GCAT and HEAT committees, it was resolved by the group that the City initiate a "green homeless plan." After being bombarded by bad news for weeks, including tepid reaction to his $45 million pedestrian/bike toll bridge, Hizzoner set about regrouping his action teams.

Concerned that this would be yet another closed door, public consultation-free program from the Vision Vancouver council, Robertson chose to float the GCAT/HEAT green homeless shelter by the City's EcoDensity steering committee before announcing it publicly. The result of these combined commitees' work is shown in the above image.

Our City Hall source explains what Gregor's Treehouse, as it has been dubbed, is.

  1. The roof contains a garden, natch. By planting salad ingredients it's hoped that the tenant will have a reliable food source, as well as the benefits of a high fibre diet.
  2. A grey water system allows a resident to freshen up in the morning. An optional sterno fuel cannister can warm up the water in the bucket.
  3. Small shelter space, good for one lying in fetal position. HEAT committee members insisted on at least 3 windows which have slightly increased the per unit cost.
  4. Chicken coop underneath (Councillor Reimer's idea). Can anyone say Free Range?!
  5. Mail slot (self-explanatory).
  6. Portability allows owners to put the shelters in Vancouver's laneways, a recommendation of the EcoDensity team.

It's hoped by Mayor's office staff that the novelty of the GCAT/HEAT treehouse will distract Vancouverites who are currently annoyed with the No Consultation Council™.


Q - if I build say 5 of these and rent them out do I get a STIR tax break? If I form a corporation to buy them on my behalf can I avoid land transfer tax? If I erect them in a back alley in Douglas Park will Pivot Legal come by to ensure my rights are protected?
Also from a design perspective should there not be a needle exchange slot and a spot to hang a 'don't blame me I voted NPA' sign?

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you can have a complete network of irrelevant netscape pages to play with!

Is this a joke? If that photo is for real then Robertson and his Vision council have clearly lost their minds. It looks more like a doghouse than a treehouse. You have to sleep in a fetal position? This has got to be a joke.

Fill your boots, JT. We could use the company.

Just when my partner and I were wondering what we would get for our 8% property tax increase. Do you order them or do they just show up in your back lane?

i know, but i'd rather not have yours.

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