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Mayor Peary and Councillor West take to two-wheeled transport this week!

Just a reminder to our readers that our Civic Leaders Car Free Week 2009 is under way. We reported earlier of front page coverage in the Royal City Record for New Westminster Councillor Jonathan Cote taking up the challenge, and now Abbotsford Mayor George Peary and Poco Councillor Brad West are getting local coverage.

Here's Tri-City News' spotlight story on West, and the Abbotsford News feature story on Mayor Peary's two-wheeled transportation.

Congrats, gentlemen! We look forward to having your accounts here at in the days to come.

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Now just imagine if all of their civic colleagues had participated in the challenge and got to see for themselves what life on a transit bus or bicycle is like.

A lot of civic leaders talk about the importance of supporting alternate forms of transit, but only a few brave souls are prepared to use it.

Kudos to the four politicians who stepped up to the plate on this one! Looking forward to reading about their experience.

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