Ladner and Sullivan back together again?

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Are those bushes, or is that a local civic affairs columnist waiting outside an NPA event?

For those readers who still remain vaguely interested in what's happening (or not happening) within the Non-Partisan Association in Vancouver, you'll be pleased to hear we've got some news.

This evening former NPA Mayor Sam Sullivan and former NPA mayoral candidate Peter Ladner have both agreed to attend an event in recognition of the previous campaign's donors. We were unable to confirm the location of the event other than "it is at a prestigious west side location." When asked why they were so secretive about the location, we were advised "the last time we held a similar event a columnist from the local paper actually hid in the bushes to see who was coming in and out. We'd prefer our guests not be inadvertently frightened."

Should people be reading more into this event than the meeting of two former colleagues? Perhaps. Word on the street is that there has been a lot of grumbling under the breath of Vancouver's business community about the performance of their new Mayor over the last several months.  One senior business leader told me last week that "the NPA needs to patch up old wounds, get organized and get ready for 2011 as soon as possible."

There have been no real visible signs that the NPA has kick started a renewal process since the last election. However, we've been reassured that the renewal process has begun in earnest behind the scenes. If we hear of any interesting outcomes from this evening's event, we'll keep you posted.


I was at the "prestigious event" and I would say the crowd was preparing to heal old wounds. I even saw Sam and Peter having a conversation. All the credit in the party has to go to Suzanne Anton for her leadership and the rest of the Caucus for their support. The party has its eye on 2011 and I'm sure it will remain a great force in Vancouver, despite the analysis of the last election calling for the end of the NPA.

"renewal process has begun in earnest behind the scenes"?

I wonder if the NPA is going to run the next campaign behind the scenes, nominate candidates behind the scenes, fundraise behind the scenes, outreach to voters and supporters behind the scenes and elect mayor and council behind the scenes?

What ever happens in the back room now is virtually irrelevant if it remains 'behind the scenes' for the next 6-10 months. There will be virtually no time for the NPA to make a comeback and Vision will be loosing more about COPE than it will about the NPA.

"and the rest of the Caucus"

The rest of the Caucus? Who's that? Denike, Gibson and Robertson?

Is that what you call "remaining a great force"?

Go for it!

pining for the old days of sam's three ring circus called the npa won't change a thing daniel.gregor is the new mayor and he has denied sam the one thing he wanted most,which was to be mayor during the olympics,and i bet that really burns him.i could care less whether gregor is a lousy mayor,at least it won't be sullivan in the do you like the civic strike now sam?

Check out!

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