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No takers? City of North Vancouver votes to acknowledge our correspondence

Don't get us wrong for one moment. We're very happy that the City of North Vancouver sent a correspondence to in regard to our Civic Leaders Car-Free Week. What we got back from these folks was very polite indeed (we received no other such formal response to our emails), but no one on North Van City Council decided to step up to take the challenge to go car-free this week.

My first reaction, albeit a cheeky one, is to wonder if there are too many hills in this borough to make riding, walking and taking transit an option for Mayor and Council? Surely not.

Well, not so fast. Maybe there's some truth to the idea that North Vancouverites won't give up cars anytime soon. Look at Metro News front page story today on a proposed "bike escalator" for this North Shore town. It sounds goofy, but just think of it as a rope tow like on Grouse Mountain (which is all it really is, plus a foot pedal).

According to North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto, the lift would fit nicely with his community’s cycling plan, since many bike commuters on the North Shore have difficulty riding up the steepest grades of the hilly terrain heading north. He notes the grade of Lonsdale and Chesterfield avenues is roughly the same as the hill in Trondheim (Norway) where the Trampe system is used.

My wife, who grew up on "the Shore" and today is an avid bike commuter would scoff at this. As a kid she'd ride up and down North Vancouver and became quite an accomplished hill rider. If she ever rode the Tour de France she'd only do the Pyrenees portion. She definitely kicks my sorry butt up hills.

But hey, not everyone grows up on the side of a mountain and maybe it's a good thing. If it encourages some civic official from that side of Burrard Inlet to join in next year's Car-Free Challenge, then it will get a rousing endorsement from staff here at

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Hey Michael. Yeah, that bike escalator idea sounded goofy to be right off the top. But after I thought about it for a moment, I realized, hey, it gets steep on the North Shore, and we ARE looking for creative ways to get people out of cars... so this might just work. Basically like a Jetson's moving sidewalk, only for bicycles.

Looking to see where this goes.

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