Is a former BC Liberal candidate about to join Vancouver City Hall?

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Rumours are swirling around Vancouver City Hall that a shake-up of sorts is about to take place for a couple of key positions.

According to City Hall insiders, Director of Communications Laurie Best is being moved out of her current position and will be given a new assignment heading up the City's web re-development division. Her new boss will be Roger Fast who now takes over the position of Chief Information Officer. This post was previously held by Deputy City Manager James Ridge before he quit to work for UBC. Fast is well-respected and led the charge in the development of the City's 311 initiative.

As noted in previous posts and most recently by Courier columnist Allen Garr, the communications department has faced harsh criticism regarding its effectiveness on a number of key files. We were not provided with an exact date for the move, but you can expect it will be sometime in the dead of summer.

Former BC Liberal candidate and CHEK TV reporter Robin Adair is also expected to become the new head of the intergovernmental relations department.

If you recall, Vision Vancouver bigwig Mike Bruce quit his party because he thought the Mayor was a bit too cozy with the BC Liberals. If the rumours of Adair being hired are true, one can only imagine a few other Vision members might be losing a bit of sleep over the coming weeks.

Robin Adair is formerly the Vice-President, Communications and Public relations for WCG International Consultants Ltd. We'll keep you posted if we hear anything new.

UPDATE: Since we originally posted this story, several additional sources have contacted us to confirm that Mr. Adair will likely be given the title of General Manager or Executive Director for Intergovernmental Relations. As far as the starting salary for this position...well, stay tuned.

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