Hornby merchants: "We're being Cambie'd by Gregor"

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Hornby street merchants are about to be impacted by the Burrard Bridge bike lane trial

Some great reporting by GlobalTV BC's Rumina Daya on the latest victims of Vision's No Consultation Council - merchants on Hornby Street about to be undone by the Burrard Bridge lane reallocation. As they describe it, the irony is that they are being "Cambie'd" by Mayor Robertson, as in Cambie Street and the pain those merchants faced when their access to customers was cut off.

Of course, we all know that Gregor Robertson built his political career on the whole Cambie/Canada Line construction issue (he was a notoriously ineffective MLA until that issue was handed to him). So it's quite something to watch the Mayor stick it to another set of businesses without any consultation.

Stay tuned to CityCaucus.com for more about Gregor's Gridlock in the days ahead!


Notice that Rumina says in her story the Mayor is "too busy" yet again to do a media interview. This lack of availability is really becoming a pattern with this mayor. His staff are keeping him in a bubble so he doesn't put his foot in mouth.

A LOT of local journalists are grumbling under their breath that his lack of availability is really becoming annoying.

So, there is NO other way to get to these Hornby street businesses? And cyclists and pedestrians never shop here or stop in? All of their business comes from people who drive exclusively from Pacific to turn off onto Hornby?

God, they must hate rush hour when that intersection is blocked all the time.

Uh huh. Old thinking, once again.

Old thinking again indeed. Vancouver wants so badly to be a progressive city and yet we can't actually bring ourselves to make progress. Thank goodness one lane got approved, although two would have been better.

Maybe we should take a look at our countries position on a global scale while we complain about how hard it is to get around in our cars:


Business will fall off 50% at these stores because people have to drive around the block (to Howe St) to get to these stores? Do all of their clientele drive to their stores from Pacific turning right on Hornby? I don't buy it. This is "the sky is falling" type stuff right up there with "all the bars and pubs will go out of business" fear and doubt that came up when the smoking ban was coming up.

Of course, I could be wrong so I'll reserve judgment until after next week when the lane trial starts.

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