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The media feeding frenzy is like a bad itch for Mayor Robertson

The flurry of media hostility toward Mayor Gregor Robertson and Vision Vancouver has been, to say the least, overwhelming. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for this City Council.

There was this CTV coverage of the HEAT shelter debacle from Wednesday evening, which news anchor Bill Good refers to as a "failed experiment with unintended consequences." Reporter Stephen Smart's story is an excellent and chilling account of what a mess the so-called "shut down" shelters have caused. As Smart says, it's become "a political fiasco." Amazingly, Mayor Robertson continues to provide waffling responses to critical questions about public safety.

Then Thursday morning began with a blistering rebuke by CKNW's John McComb (notably, a proud member of our CKNW on FM Facebook group), filling in on The Morning News, where the program host blasted Vision Vancouver for trying to stack phonelines in support of the lane reallocation:

This is just another example of the social engineering that irritates the hell out of most people. There is no evidence to suggest a dedicated bike lane is backed by a majority of people. Or that it is somehow going to magically transform Vancouver into a two wheeled nirvana. The social manipulation madness is made all the worse with the mayor's plan to spend tens of millions on a dedicated pedestrian and bicycle bridge over false creek.

24Hrs newspaper hit the news stand with the HEAT shelters controversy on the front cover (HEAT closed, but not forgotten), citing the fact that homeless protesters are now camping out in the lane near the closed shelter.

Then our crack research team started to hear that at the urging of Downtown Eastside poverty activists, supporters of evicted residents in False Creek North's HEAT shelters took it upon themselves to vandalize the property with posters stating, "North False Creek Poverty Free since the Rich Moved In."

GlobalTV BC's Grace Ke provided this great lead story on Thursday's Noon News Hour program. The posters are winding up on the walls and windows of buildings in the area, including a local daycare facility.

Then the Georgia Straight's fine writer Carlito Pablo wrapped up the media menu with this bit of sleuthing. Pablo filed an FOI in the Mayor's office looking for a specific letter (hmm, who tipped him off?) that Mayor Gregor Robertson wrote to Premier Gordon Campbell after he won the Provincial election on May 12th.

In his “Dear Gord” letter to Campbell a week after the New Democrats suffered their third successive defeat in the May 12 provincial election, Robertson told the premier that “We have much to do together as we prepare our city to host the world during the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

The former NDP star candidate also scribbled a personal note. “Congrats,” started Robertson’s handwritten message that continued: “looking forward to a very productive run-up to the Games and a strong partnership for Vancouver’s future!”

The ever thorough Carlito adds,

A separate information request by the Straight didn’t turn up any election-campaign or postelection correspondence up to June 15 between Robertson and NDP Leader Carole James.

This has been a week to forget for Bubble Boy. It can't possibly get any worse... uh, wait. The Burrard Bridge stuff happens Monday.

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I heard a great term used today by a CKNW caller - 'the Birkenstock Mafia'. Don't know who it was but you are my hero for today!

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