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Video by Mayor Sullivan promoting laneway housing initiative, which the Vision Council votes on tonight

I recently heard a rumour the City of Vancouver's EcoDensity initiative had won an award from the prestigious Canadian Institute of Planners. Needless to say I was thrilled and I made a few calls to get more information. I was able to locate a small reference to the award on the City's website, but besides that, there was not much fanfare.

After poking around City Hall a bit further, I stumbled upon an email sent to Council on July 7th by Brent Toderian, the ever-capable Director of Planning. The subject reads "Congratulations - Vancouver EcoDensity Initiative is CIP Planning Excellence award winner."

I then contacted Councillor Suzanne Anton for her reaction, as she was the point person on this initiative during the last council. She said:

This award is clear recognition of not only an innovative project, but the years of hard work and consultation that have gone into making it a success.

Despite voting in favour of EcoDensity, the previous Vision councillors did everything they could to oppose the concept. There were the false accusations that Mayor Sullivan personally benefited from EcoDensity, to bogus claims that there was no community consultation. Now that they're in government, this Vision council appears just as enamored with EcoDensity as the last one was. That's a good thing that should be encouraged in my opinion.

Here is a copy of Toderian's email to Council and the Mayor's Chief of Staff:

 -----Original Message-----

From: Toderian, Brent 

Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 1:27 PM
To: Robertson, G; Deal, Heather; Louie, Raymond; Anton, Suzanne;
Stevenson, Tim; Jang, Kerry; Chow, George; Cadman, David; Meggs, Geoff;
Reimer, Andrea; Woodsworth, Ellen
Cc: Magee, Michael
Subject: Fw: Congratulations - Vancouver EcoDensity Initiative is CIP
Planning Excellence award winner

To Mayor and Council, for your interest - congratulations to all on
Council who pushed and are pushing, to make EcoDensity what it became,
and what it continues to become.


The following is a copy of the original email that had a broader distribution:

----- Original Message -----
From: Toderian, Brent
To: CSG PLN Planning All Staff - DL; Ballem, Penny; Zak, MaryClare;
Dobrovolny, Jerry; Scholefield, Melina; Ramslie, David; Rutgers, Piet;
LaClaire, Lon; Davidson, Jill; Whitlock, Rob; Prosken, Brenda; Johnston,
Will; Timm, Tom; Best, Laurie; Beer, Theresa; McLellan, David; Warren,
Christine; Boons, Bill; Michaels, Rick; Flanigan, Michael
Sent: Tue Jul 07 12:54:04 2009
Subject: Congratulations - Vancouver EcoDensity Initiative is CIP
Planning Excellence award winner

On behalf of the staff team and the EcoDensity Steering Committee from
so many departments, I'm very pleased to announce that EcoDensity has
been awarded the 2009 Canadian Institute of Planners Award of Planning
Excellence, in the category of "City Planning." This is out of what we
are told were 43 exceptional submissions received from across the
Country. The award will be presented in October in Niagara Falls at the
National Planning Conference.

My congratulations to all who worked so hard on this challenging and
creative Initiative, that has already significantly changed the way we
do our city planning.


Vancouver City Hall will also be holding a public hearing Tuesday evening regarding the next phase of EcoDensity which includes such initiatives as laneway housing. If approved, this will likely be the biggest change to city zoning in decades and will go a long way to making Vancouver a much more affordable and sustainable city.

Let's hope it passes unanimously once again. If it does, don't expect Anton to beat up on Vision for this one.

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That's fantastic! What a shame this national honour is being buried by Robertson and Vision/Cope. They need to stop acting like sore winners.

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