¿Dónde está Gregor y Kerry?

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where's kerry jang?
Where's Kerry? It's a real life game of "Find Someone Accountable"

"Es Gregor Robertson y Kerry Jang evitar consulta pública?" That's what we'd like to know, too. Who's going to be accountable for the HEAT mess created by Gregor Robertson and Kerry Jang? Not them if they have their druthers.

First we got reports that emails being sent to the Mayor on Burrard Bridge Monday (at gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca) were bouncing back to the senders. A coincidence? We thought so, but it sure seems strange that on a day when the Mayor thought he was going to take supreme abuse from the public (he didn't) that Vancouver's I.T. department allowed Hizonner's inbox to overflow.

Then we heard Councillor Kerry Jang was a no-show on CBC radio on Wednesday morning when the topic was the HEAT shelter calamity. Hmm. Maybe he was double-booked? Overslept? Again, we're ready to cut some slack.

There's also the matter of the 30-day "consultation" Minister Rich Coleman requested the City begin engaging in regarding the Howe Street HEAT shelter. We're 15 days into that and residents haven't been notified once about a meeting. Jang suggests that he and his colleagues are just taking their time:

"We want to make sure we do it right," Jang said. "We don't want to have a meeting where citizens just yell at you. We want to solicit actual feedback which is useful."

"Useful?" Someone might want to remind Kerry that he was elected to listen Vancouver's communities, and not pick and choose what he wants to hear and when.

Councillor David "Carbon" Cadman also joins the No Consultation Council™ chorus in a recent interview conducted for a blog run by the sister of Mayor Robertson's biggest financial backer and mentor Joel Solomon.

Here's what our jetsetting city councillor has to say about public consultation:

I think just having the guts to say we’re going to open shelters and have very low barrier shelters because we don’t want anyone to have an excuse to say they’re not going to come in. I think that was a decision that was taken very quickly. Sometimes when you make decisions quickly you haven’t done all the consultations and haven’t understood all of the ramifications.

That’s where we’re now getting the push back from South Granville people saying, “You didn’t talk to us beforehand.” And quite frankly, if we’d talked to them beforehand, they would have said, “We don’t want this in our neighbourhood.” Most people don’t want to acknowledge that homelessness is part of every community in the city. They want it to somehow just go over there.

In the same interview Cadman describes how all the decisions were made by the NPA "in a backroom" and not in Council chambers. I suspect that the famously sanctimonious COPE councillor doesn't even realize the irony in his words. What he criticized the NPA for is happening with even greater frequency under a Vision/COPE government.

Whether it's North False Creek and the HEAT shelters, or Hastings-Sunrise and the PNE governance changes, rest assured that in the months ahead the No Consultation Council™ is coming to a neighbourhood near you.


Kerry Jang insults the residents of False Creek North again! What does he have against this neighborhood? When will it end?

And enough pompous attitude from David Cadman already. The problem with the HEAT shelters isn't the homeless per-se, it's the litany of criminal and anti-social behaviour in the area that has coincided with the opening of the HEAT shelters under the Granville street bridge.

the problem now extends to include the hordes of 'societies' that have taken up 'the cause'. After an anti poverty group plastered posters on every window and door within a 2 block radius of the Howe shelter (including a daycare and a subsidized senior's residence) I asked some of the shelter residents who were in the park if they knew who did this cowardly act. They told me it wasn't them but they knew who it was and they would not tell me who.
Please tell me how desicrating public property and terrifying seniors and pre-school children advances 'the cause'? I don't see anyone from the shelter, the City or Pivot legal volunteering the manpower to clean up our buildings - you want my support, my tax money and donations and this is how you treat me??

It's clear that Robertson and company didn't want to listen to local residents all along. Cadman's statements now confirm that.

I sure hope Bubble Boy Gregor still has his position as juice bottle filler at Happy Planet Juice in east van. Because when the next election rolls around he will be dragged out of office, tarred and feathered and banished from ever being a politician again

Unlike you guys, I actually bother doing some research. Something you might want to do before advancing your "creative" theories.

I was wondering about e-mails bouncing to council so I phoned up 311. They said there was a power outage that was likely to blame for the e-mail bouncing message. They also said that in spite of the message, the e-mails where actually delivered once the power came back on.

I experienced the outage in the cafe I was in so it all does make sense.

funny...i work in the Control Center of BC HYDRO....we had no outages in that area.

In communications networks, a disruption can occur anywhere in the network. The power outage could have affected a data centre or router or whatever that was no where near city hall.

Anyway, if you are curious, phone 311 for yourself.

Ummm.... the "posters plastered on every window and door" in fact had a name, an email, and a telephone number in it.

It was specifically the concern of the poster that the "Concerned Citizens of False Creek North" distributed their propaganda without any names or phone numbers, and a non-functioning email address.

Then again, you'd know that if you actually read it. Here's a picture for you...


Your simple taped paper was NOT the one referred to. PAE correctly reported that abusive and non-removable posters were glued to all these buildings.

FYI the City complied to pay to clean up this despicable vandalism - hmmm, perhaps even they finally realized they were the ones to START the FCN fiasco so at some point they might be expected to clean up some of the mess!?

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