Coke dumper gets probation

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Megan Craig's probation order
Megan Craig's probation order for dumping coke on a quadriplegic (click for larger)

Vancouver City Hall watchers will remember the infamous and cowardly act of a woman protester who dumped a pitcher of cola over Mayor Sam Sullivan's head during the June 2008 nomination meeting of the NPA. Well, the protester named Megan Craig is now on probation, and must promise to be a good person.

Craig's spurious defense for assaulting a quadriplegic is because of Sullivan's so-called "attacks on the poor" for which there is no evidence. Vision Vancouver, COPE and their many supporters worked tirelessly to demonize a Sullivan initiative Project Civil City as an attack on Vancouver's downtrodden. As we've pointed out here earlier, the current city government has simply re-branded the effort while keeping most of the elements of PCC in place.

Even more ironic is the fact Vision Vancouver, who derided the NPA government for hiring Geoff Plant as a part-time lobbyist in Victoria, have hired a full-time lobbyist in former BC Liberal candidate Robin Adair. But as they say, that was then, this is now...

The conditions of Craig's order are straightforward, and not hard if you're a typical upstanding citizen.

  1. Keep the peace and be of good behaviour
  2. Appear before the Court when required to do so by the Court.
  3. Notify the Court or the Probation Officer in advance of any change of name or address, and promptly notify the Court or the Probation Officer of any change of employment or occupation.
  4. You are to report to Probation Officer at 275 East Cordova street, Vancouver, BC, no later than Thursday June 4, 2009 and thereafter as necessary to arrange your counselling.
  5. You must take such counselling as you and your Probation Officer arrange including psychological counselling.
  6. You are to have no contact directly or indirectly with Samuel Sullivan.
  7. You are not to attend any political rallies without the written permission of your Probation Officer.

Megan Craig it was reported worked as a volunteer with disabled people for eight years, and as of the time of the Courier report was working for the Deafblind Services Society of B.C. In an interview Craig's actions are described as follows:

She snuck up behind Sullivan and poured the entire contents of the pitcher over his head. Sullivan turned to her with a stunned smile on his face. "I really don't consider that a violent act," Craig said. "It's dumping fluid on someone's head. No one gets hurt. The APC has never engaged in any violent tactics, we're a non-violent group."

The RCMP recently presented to City Council their security plans for the 2010 Games. Security unit head Bud Mercer is warning of possible violent clashes by protesters.

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