Car free in Vancouver Part II: Cycling

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Coun. Anton in a rickshaw
Coun. Suzanne Anton takes a load off after a hard "car-free" week

Cycling to several destinations in a day, and arriving looking composed and tidy at the meeting, lunch or reception, is the biggest challenge to the cycling councillor.

It’s definitely easier in the summer. Here are some things that work:

  • skirts with spandex or elasticity to wear over cycling shorts – makes a really quick change
  • nice T-shirts which work on and off the bike
  • ride slower to avoid the red-faced look
  • carry slip on shoes and foldable jacket in the pannier

Here’s what I’ve never really figured out:

  • the hair
  • a pannier which looks as good as a regular large handbag/ briefcase – suggestions?

Short days, rain and cold make all of the above much harder. Will do this again in February?

The other real challenge for me is to get to all the events in my calendar. It’s important to be all around the city on a variety of functions, and hard when going between some fairly distant locations. A day on the bike for me is usually over 30 km. A week on the bike means I have missed some things which I would have liked to go to.


The chic female cyclists I know often go for a basket on their bike and then just stick their regular purse or briefcase into the basket.

The Pedicab is from Dragon Rickshaw Adventures: They can be found in Chinatown and areas nearby and would appreciate your business. A great way to see the city.

Basil is my favorite brand for chic bike bags:

Rain City Bikes carries some of their stuff locally.

Check out!

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