We were too hasty in praising Martin?

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hot cross buns
Langley Councillor Gayle Martin says she "busts her buns" earning that extra stipend on Metro Vancouver's board of directors

Just when you thought it was safe to praise one of Metro Vancouver's civic leaders, a story emerges from Langley about how much money councillor Gayle Martin is making from her gig on Metro Vancouver. If you recall, we praised Ms. Martin earlier this week for her public criticisms of David 'Carbon' Cadman's use of public funds to pay for his international travel as President of ICLEI.

Now the Langley Times has a report which indicates Ms. Martin was on the hot seat defending how much money she was paid as Metro Vancouver board director and parks committee chair. Here is an excerpt from the Times' story:

Last year, she [Martin] received the second-highest remuneration of all regional directors, second only to Metro board chair Lois Jackson.

Martin defended her remuneration after she felt Councillor Dave Hall attacked the value of what she does as the City’s representative.

Last year, Martin’s remuneration was $30,990 plus $1,716 in expenses. That is more than Metro’s vice-chair Richard Walton ($17,000). Jackson makes $50,000 plus expenses.

In defense of her salary Martin stated, "I bust my buns and do my job."

She goes on to state:

“I work for what I earn. The TransLink board is getting paid a heck of a lot more than we are, why don’t you look into that?”

Nothing like a good offensive strategy, eh Gayle? A few months back, Martin was leading the charge stating that Carbon Cadman should be cut off from his $700 a day per diems and directors fees for traveling around the world. Here's what she told the Georgia Straight:

I think at this time it’s too much money. We have appointments to outside agencies, and that’s fine. I’m not opposed to that—I’m on a couple of outside agencies myself. But there is obviously a cost involved for Metro Vancouver for his travelling expenses as president of ICLEI. We were not aware of those expenses until he brought them to the board. In my opinion, if they want to have [a] presence around the world, then ICLEI should be paying for the expenses of their board of directors, not the GVRD, in our case.

So there you go.  Perhaps we were just a bit too hasty in our praise of Ms. Martin's fiscally prudent ways. What do you think?

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