Vancouver is "a small town", says World Economic Forum rep

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A representative from the World Economic Forum told Councillor David Cadman that a Vancouver Sun column is evidence the City is "a small town" and not '"progressive"

In one of the most pompous displays of self-importance, COPE Councillor David "Carbon" Cadman finally spoke out on CKNW radio today regarding the issue of his $100K+ expense claims to Metro Vancouver for his international travel. This was a story that first broke here on and has now been picked up by the Vancouver Sun, CKNW radio and the Langley Times to name but a few. Subsequent to our story, Metro Vancouver has now cut off Cadman's travel allowance.

Radio host Christy Clark asked Cadman to justify why Metro Vancouver taxpayers should be spending over one hundred thousand dollars to fund his activities as President of an obscure organization known as ICLEI. Carbon Cadman is entitled to claim up to $700 bucks per day when he travels abroad on ICLEI business. We reported here earlier that he collected almost $60,000 in directors fees on top of his $60,000 annual councillor salary.

Just last week, we broke the news that Cadman had pleaded (in writing) to the Metro Vancouver Board to keep his daily stipend for his international junkets. However, on the radio today, Cadman said:

For me the issue is not the money

Huh? If this isn't about the money, then why doesn't Carbon Cadman simply have ICLEI pay for his international travel, or better yet...not charge ICLEI anything at all? Perhaps the reason this is "not about the money" is that Councillor David Cadman likely has one of the biggest portfolios of anyone on council, including the Mayor. His personal holdings include a small fortune in some of the largest multi-nationals known to man including Boeing, Coca Cola and Exxon Mobil Corp.

Cadman took a huge swipe at Miro Cernetig from the Vancouver Sun for his ongoing expose of the councillor's travel habits. Cernetig has already written two columns which I'm advised have elicited major reaction from the Sun's readership.

In his interview on NW, Cadman reveals details of a private conversation he had with a representative from the prestigious World Economic Forum who attended last week's ICLEI conference in Edmonton. He makes a startling statement about Vancouver and its place in the world order:

When Miro's opinion piece came out and I showed that to the person who was there from the World Economic Forum, he said "is this like the Sun here in Edmonton?"

I said no no, this is our paper of record. He said "stunning, I thought Vancouver was a progressive city.  This is an indication to me that Vancouver is really a small town still. You can't operate in a global context and have that kind of opinon coming out as the voice of your newspaper."

Does Vancouver Councillor David 'Carbon' Cadman agree with the representative from the World Economic Forum that Vancouver is a "small town still?" If so, be warned Metro Vancouverites. If you don't support Councillor Cadman's international travels to reduce carbon emissions, some of the most influential international bodies might accuse you of being "small town".

A number of Cadman's council colleagues also probably shook their head in disbelief when the councillor made the following statement on air:

If you look at my record of attendance over the last 6 1/2 years, I probably have one of the best attendance records of people on this council.

This statement got our research team all fired up and we're going to look into Councillor Carbon Cadman's statement to confirm its validity. Keep in mind, he did say his record is better that those currently sitting on council.  Given that a number of the councillors were just recently elected, it's obvious that he would have attended more council meetings than they would have over the last 6 years.

Speaking of attendance...Councillor Cadman is scheduled to collect a stipend of $2,497 for performing the duties of Deputy Mayor for the month of June. In the past, some councillors who've travelled out of town during their stint as Deputy Mayor have returned some of that cash back to the taxpayers, or to the councillors who filled in for them during their absence.

We fully expect that Councillor Cadman will be returning all, or a portion of that stipend back to the City given that he's been out of town on ICLEI duties this month. He missed all of the council and committee meetings last week. We'll keep you posted in the coming weeks whether he claims the full stipend or not.


Finally someone is writing about this self appointed wind bag. What took so long? I caught his performance on CKNW yesterday and can't say I was shocked. What a self-absorbed person. The sun comment was classic. Someone needs to educate city councillors what their duties and responsibilities are. Roads, garbage, etc. Sorry not to sexy but very necessary.

Roads and garbage are certainly a good start but if Vancouver really aspires to be a 'world class' city someone better figure out how to clear snow off the streets when winter temps drop below normal levels.

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