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RPO scrubbed Penny Ballem's bio from their website after CityCaucus.com report
RPO scrubbed Penny Ballem's bio from their website after CityCaucus.com report

Last week CityCaucus.com cited the fact that Dr. Penny JD Ballem Inc. had been connected through a CBC National news report to concerns about spending on Ontario's fledgling eHealth initiative. We stated then that we did not have the FOI that CBC acquired and therefore had no knowledge of any connection to this story other than the company name appearing on screen.

In the same post we noted that City Manager Penny Ballem was listed as an adviser with RPO Management Consultants' healthcare group, and we pointed to a specific page on RPO's website featuring Penny Ballem's bio as an RPO adviser that was taken down almost immediately after we posted our story, which we thought was a little odd.

So we called RPO to ask whether it was a mistake to have Ms. Ballem on their website. Operations Manager Kate Parker explained that the page was left up but not linked on their website. "The page was disconnected, so you couldn't access it when you came to our website. It was not meant to be a public page so we took it down," explains Parker.

We asked whether Ms. Ballem was still providing services for RPO. "Absolutely not. We ended that relationship with Penny when she took the job with the City. It was a mutual termination in that we both agreed upon."

We thought our readers would appreciate the update knowing that Penny Ballem is no longer working for this outside consultancy.

Regarding the eHealth matter, last week CityCaucus.com filed its own FOI with Ontario's Ministry of Health specifically regarding the work conducted by Dr. Penny JD Ballem Inc. Stay tuned for any updates relating to this story here.

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