Retired journalist blogs about how Vision's policies are simply nuts

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Retired journalist thinks Vision's policies are simply "nuts"

Harvey Oberfeld is a former reporter for BCTV (now Global TV) in Vancouver. He's now retired, but in his day he interviewed some of the top political leaders across Canada and broke a tonne of great stories. He now runs a blog called "Keeping it Real". I do regularly visit his site and enjoy his take on the local political scene.

His most recent posting is titled "Vision Blind to Majority" and it pulls no punches regarding his assessment of the current Vision majority on council in Vancouver. Here a few excerpts to give you a flavour of Oberfeld's post:

By practicing blind adherence to ideology instead of adapting to reality, the Vision/Copesters have solidified their support with their minority-based backers (homeless, bicyclists, welfare recipients, left-wing politicos) but they have already alienated so many centrists who opted for them over the NPA.

In just a few months since taking office, the current Council has:

* Imposed about the highest property tax increases ever seen in one year in Vancouver;

*Voted to set aside a lane of the Burrard Bridge and expand dedicated lanes on roadways for bicyclists (who by the way pay NO licence fees, no road taxes, no insurance fees (Translink/ICBC alert!!) and who mostly disobey just about every traffic law there is;

* Allowed chickens to be raised in city backyards (Health alert!!);

* Voted to consider “coolie towers” … crowded, sub-standard 200-square-feet housing as “affordable housing” but will breed social, health and safety problems and ultimately drive UP per square foot rental fees downtown; and,

* Turned a blind eye as Councillor David “Carbon” Cadman jetted around the world, running up more than $100,000 in taxpayer-financed travel, turning out precious little public information or published very much (from what I have seen so far) in the way of enlightened insight in return.

* Responded with little more than lip service when homeowners (many with young children) complained about drug, needles, noise, violance and public sex surrounding the nearby ”temporary” homeless shelter that has somehow become permanent, without so much as a single public meeting or any consultation process.

* And now, just voted to spend another $15 million to bring the total price to $110 million for 250 public housing apartment units along the False Creek south shore waterfront. That’s $440,000 per unit!!

An interesting take on Vancouver city politics indeed. But Oberfeld doesn't end there, he goes on to blast Vision for their decision to pour more money into the ocean front social housing units at the Olympic Village:

Are they nuts!!! They clearly are more interested in ideology than building social housing. I’d bet they could build 500 to 600 units elsewhere if they sold those waterfront units at market value and spent the proceeds to build the much-needed housing elsewhere.

 But extreme socialists, like extreme right wingers, get so caught up in their “revolutionary” zeal, they forget their true objective should be to help AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to get fair treatment in our society.

The Vision/Cope council, in my view, not only ignores the feelings and concerns of ther majority of Vancouver voters … it delights in doing so.
Stick the rich bastards noses in it, appears to be the basic ideology now governing city hall.


Oberfeld's blog is well worth reading. Unlike the authors of this site, Oberfeld is not a one-sided critic of any single party. A good example of that is his coverage of the opening of the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre. While the coverage on this site waxed lyrical about the architectural splendour of this stationary fast ferry, Oberfeld expressed exasperation at the massive cost-overruns, and at the mainstream media's failure to hold the Campbell Government to account.

Thanks for noting my Blog .. Keeping it Real... kind of an insider's blog ads etc.. just depend on readers to spread the word. And having a great retirement, speaking out with personal opinions on a variety of topics, including politics and the media (Wow, are they ever sensitive! LOL!). And just as during my reporting days, have tweaked noses on all sides of the spectrum ... Vision's blind adherence to "idiotology" just the latest.

They were voted in by a landslide and are doing what they said they would during the campaign. Clearly the majority people of Vancouver agree with what they are doing. Obviously there will be a few misinformed complainers though.

Harvey proves this with his statement:
"bicyclists (who by the way pay NO licence fees, no road taxes, no insurance fees (Translink/ICBC alert!!) and who mostly disobey just about every traffic law there is"

If he knew anything about the city, he would know that transportation projects in the city are paid through property taxes, which everyone, included cyclists pay. As far as obeying the law goes, motorists break just about every law as well including constantly going over the speed limit endangering not only themselves but other drivers, peds and cyclists.

Thank you Harvey O.! I am so glad someone has managed to articulate what is so insane about the present administration. Without question, there is an arrogance pervading City Hall. They really think they have the public interest at heart despite the fact they are serving a set of doctrines that does not allow them the liberty to see a differing point of view and how important public consultation is in municipal governance.

Vision's agenda is ennobling, however, their delivery style is a complete abomination. I get the same sickening feeling when someone attempts to fix something they have never fixed before and says "trust me, I know what I'm doing!". You can hear that distinct inner voice telling yourself "Oh... I think this is going to end badly and hurt my wallet a lot!".

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