Report reveals Metro Vancouver salaries pegged at $102,131,905

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Johnny "Cash" Carline
Johnny "Cash" Carline

A regular reader alerted us to an interesting report which was buried deep in the agenda for today's Metro Vancouver meeting. It is a line-by-line itemized statement of all the salaries paid at Metro Vancouver. It states that in 2008, the least scrutinized level of government known as Metro Vancouver paid its politicians and public servants in excess of one hundred million dollars in 2008.

As Translink struggles for cash and consults with the public on how to raise more money, Metro Vancouver quietly compensates its staff very well for...well, who knows what. If you asked fifty 100 people on the street what Metro Vancouver does, you'd be lucky to find one who could answer the question.

The report has 14 pages of employees who earn over $75,000. In that tally almost 250 employees are earning in excess of $100,000. The highest paid employee was CAO Johnny "Cash" Carline, at $305,207 including his expenses.

As far as civic politicians go, David "Carbon" Cadman earned $30,577 as an "alternate" director on the Metro Vancouver Board. Besides Chair Lois Jackson who earned $51,534 in 2008, Cadman was in a dead heat with Langley Councillor Gayle Martin as the highest earners on the Board. A total of $667,989 was paid in compensation to all civic politicians who were appointed to Metro Vancouver.

 The Georgia Straight is reporting:

In 2000, Carline’s pay package was $191,153.09—which means he has enjoyed an increase of more than $100,000 in the past decade.

This year, deputy chief administrative officer Delia Laglagaron collected the second highest pay package: $240,899. That’s a $23,655 hike over her remuneration in 2007.

The regional district report, which is required to be filed under the Financial Information Act, reveals that 78 Metro Vancouver employees received remuneration in excess of $120,000 in 2008. In 2000, only five employees reached the $120,000 plateau.

The politician who chairs the Metro Vancouver board, Lois Jackson, received $51,534 in this role last year. Jackson also receives a $100,523 salary as the mayor of Delta.

The report also reveals that Bilfinger-Berger were paid $3,782,549. BB are suing Metro Vancouver after the $220,000,000 tunnel-to-nowhere water filtration debacle.

We'll be posting another interesting item related to Metro Vancouver on Monday. Tune back here for more.

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Metro Vancouver provides the water in your taps. Just because 100 people on the street can't tell you what MV does,it doesnt mean that what they do is not without value. The same 100 people also couldnt tell you who the current prime minister is.

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