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There hasn’t been a major pit bull attack reported in the media for some time, hence, I thought now was as good a time as any to call for a ban on this vicious breed of dog. I simply fail to see how any major city in Canada still permits people to own pit bulls.

I don’t buy for a moment the argument from pit bull owners that these dogs are gentle. Nor do I fall for the line that it’s the owners fault, not the dog. I couldn’t care less if it’s the owners fault or not, especially when some young child gets mauled by a breed of dog that simply wasn't meant for high density urban centres.

I don’t own a dog, although growing up our family had a range of breeds from German Shepards to small terriers. Oddly enough, the terrier was more "ferocious" than any shepard we ever owned. Regardless, all breeds we owned were never genetically hard-wired to rip the face off of a young child when given the chance. There are countless tales of unprovoked attacks by pit bulls who have unfortunately mauled both adults and children alike. All too often, these individuals are left permanently scarred and emotionally distressed from the attack.

So why is it that despite everything we know, more cities aren’t banning pit bulls? I suspect it comes down to not infringing on people’s rights. If Torontonians or Vancouverites want to own a pit bull, surely they have the constitutional right to do so - say the pit bull advocates.

If that’s the case, why do cities ban tigers and other exotic animals from their streets? They do so because they pose a serious threat to the safety of local residents.

There is a lot of inconsistencies in how big cities determine which animals should be restricted and which should not. I could easily argue that chained up pit bulls living in a back yard have just as much propensity to attack humans as other more exotic creatures. That said, your chance of getting bitten by a pit bull are significantly higher than ever being attacked by a tiger. However, cities ban the latter and lend a blind eye to pit bull owners and their pets.

I think the time has come for all major cities in Canada to impose a ban on the pit bull breed – period. What do you think? Would you be comfortable with your neighbhour having a chained up pit bull if you were the parent of a young child? Check out our new online poll on this topic and have your say.



It always amazes me when people write articles without ever doing any real research.Pitbulls were bred to be non-human aggressive unlike german sheppards that are used as personal protection dogs.Also more and more cities are reversing their BSL laws because they simply dont work! The dog bites in general dont reduce.I could go on forever about this issue but I wont. In the future could you please not depend on your televison set as the basis for you education! Thank you!

Let's ban "high density urban centres" instead. They create crime, poverty, debt, materialism, starbucks, and ideological subversion in the form of "progressive social change advocates" working for the "greater good" and protecting us from ourselves.

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