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Was Gregor standing behind his NDP replacement?

According to Public Eye Online, Mayor Gregor Robertson's endorsement of the NDP candidate for Vancouver-Fairview, was facilitated with the help of his political aides in the Mayor's office. These are the staff that you and I pay for with our property taxes and other fees.

According to Sean Holman's report, the campaign manager of Jenn McGinn (the NDP candidate who won the riding after Robertson bailed to become a mayoral nomination candidate and triggered a $500,000 by-election) went back and forth with Robertson's staff, and

"in the end, I said, 'Let's just put together an endorsement. Let's release it over the weekend."

Norman Gludovatz probably doesn't realize that staff paid for by Vancouver taxpayers are not supposed to be participating in the campaigns of other jurisdictions or other levels of government. McGinn's campaign manager stated,

"If what you're asking is if (Mayor Robertson's staff) held off or slowed down - there was none of that. As soon as I asked for it, they produced it by the end of the day. I was quite impressed actually. I can't fault them in any way."

What the report on Public Eye seems to indicate is that there was in fact considerable foot dragging by Robertson's aides in getting His Worship's endorsement for the NDP candidate, who eventually lost to Margaret MacDiarmid, BC's new Minister of Education.

Au contraire, suggests Gludovatz. The Mayor's people were happy to get Gregor to help out.

To the rest of Vancouver's citizens who might have their own concerns that require the Mayor's attention, and have either waited weeks or even longer to get a response from him, take solace in knowing that if you really want to get Gregor Robertson to notice you only have to run as a local NDP candidate.

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Nobody can do self-serving moralizing like our socialist betters in the NDP.

Superior morality justifies a multitude of political sins.

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