Mayor Robertson has 50% absentee rate for Metro Vancouver board meetings

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Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson's chair doesn't get much use at Metro Vancouver board meetings

During the last term of Council, the Vision minority made a big deal about the fact that former Mayor Sam Sullivan didn't sit on Metro Vancouver. They argued that by Sullivan giving Metro Vancouver a pass, it was a huge vacuum in leadership in the region.

Along came mayoral candidate Gregor Robertson who committed during the campaign that he would take a more active role at Metro Vancouver. Council made their new appointments to Metro Vancouver about six months ago and Robertson was made one of five representatives from the City of Vancouver.

Now that almost six months has passed, we thought it was time to check out Robertson's attendance record to see if Hizonner was actually living up to his commitment to provide regional leadership.

Our crack research team looked at the Metro Vancouver minutes for all the Board meetings to see who did and did not attend. Between January 1st and May 29th, there were a total of 8 board meetings held. According to the minutes, Robertson attended only three full meetings during this period. In all, he only attended 50% of the meetings and sent Mayor Geoff Meggs in his place instead.

The following is a breakdown of each meeting:

For a man who's political party criticized the previous mayor for not sitting on the Metro Vancouver Board, this revelation regarding his shoddy attendance record is a tad embarrassing indeed. We'll report back in six months to see if his overall attendance record improves.


Is "In attendance" something like Obama's Senate record of voting "Present" hundreds of times.

After all, they are both cut from same socialist cloth.


I see you've taken on the mantel as resident paleo-con and utterer of spurious claims.

Usually, I can't be bothered to reply to you, but Obama a "socialist"? Please. Do you know what socialism is?

Indeed, you experience it every day when you drive on public roads, maybe need assistance from the police, go to a library (assuming you go to libraries) or use any public service. But calling Obama a socialist is something only blathered by Faux News and its stable of red-faced yellers like Bill O'Reilley, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. No one else believes Obama is a socialist. For those who keep repeating this, the rest of us encourage you to brush up on basic political science.

Bill Maher characterizes the US Dems and GOP beautifully: the Dems have moved to the right and the GOP has moved into a mental institution. The GOP is little more than flat-earthers and civil war re-enactors.

Hey Daniel, the only thing bad about his 50% attendance rate is that it would be better if it were 25%. He does less damage the more he is absent.

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