Kirsten Dirksen II: A look at laneway housing

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Dirksen reports on Vancouver's laneway housing ideas at

The other day we posted a video produced by Kirsten Dirksen, the US native now based in Barcelona and beating the drum for sustainability through her enterprise. It was a chance encounter that resulted in a chat about Vancouver's back alleys, and what they could look like with more imagination and political will.

I suggest that if we're going to move people into the lanes behind our houses, don't you think the lanes themselves must be a whole lot more inviting? The vast majority of these thoroughfares are paved tip-to-toe, lined with uninviting garage doors, and garbage recepticles. Who would invite friends or family over to see a front door facing onto a space most choose to ignore?

With that in mind Kirsten and I spoke about City Council's then fledgling Laneway Housing policy (I was Vice-Chair of the VCPC at the time), which I support. The video explains the rest. Have a look at the video, or Kirsten's website explaining EcoDensity for her international audience.

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