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1Jang's_artist_carver.jpgThe False Creek North resident Lin Sheffield is a member of CCFCN (Concerned Citizens of False Creek North). She has lived in the area for 20 years and has seen many changes over the past two decades. But the biggest and most detrimental shift to safety in the neighbourhood tucked north of Pacific in Vancouver came six months ago when the City of Vancouver opened two “no/low barrier” shelters.

You’ve really seen a number of shifts in the neighbourhood since you first moved here?

Oh yes, in twenty years there has been lots of change. Lots of development. But the changes have been very radical lately and not very good.

Where is your building located?

We’re at Howe and Beach and we are the most affected building as we back onto the alley that houses both shelters.

What has happened to your neighbourhood since the shelters have been opened?

There has been a total loss of a sense of security. That was the reason why I, personally, moved into this area – it was a very safe neighbourhood.

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