Hot Hot HEAT: Gregor apparently messes with the wrong community

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HEAT shelters draw fire from local residents weary of open drug use and public urination, GlobalTV BC reports

The hectic HEAT shelter situation in Vancouver's False Creek neighbourhood continues to dominate the open line radio programs and news headlines. Tonight's opening story on GlobalTV BC's popular broadcast featured this story about an outraged neighbourhood, and the Vision Vancouver team that refuses to see it their way.

While we think that there is a need for improving shelter availability for Vancouver's homeless, it's becoming clearer to City Hall observers that the Mayor's back-of-the-napkin strategy simply isn't working. Robertson and his frontman Coun. Kerry Jang are making a lot of excuses, and punting the problem they made back to Victoria for more funding.

If anyone thinks the newly appointed cabinet is going to weigh into the mess Gregor created by topping up funding in a couple of weeks, they might want to reconsider their approach.

Now we're hearing about "green vests" being distributed by staff to help identify people whose job will be to maintain order and cleanliness around these so-called "no barrier" shelters. I'm sure the green vest program will be very reassuring to residents and families who are regularly witnessing crack smoking and public sex.

At least the red jacketed Ambassadors get to wear a matching hat.


I was at the Thursday night meeting and I was appalled at how the residents of False Creek behaved. A fifth grader would win in a debate against anyone of them. Also the meeting mostly was against the fact that the City did not consult with them about the shelter rather than about the shelter itself. Blaming the shelter for the rat problem was incredulous. False Creek is on the waterfront and rats have always made their home on the waterfront. Also I asked two of the organizers if they every visited the shelters. No. I suspect the crack problem and the prostitution problem are those of those who have used that area under the bridge for generations as a place to solicit and smoke crack and it is not the occupants of the shelter who created this problem.

There were approximately 300 people, as reported by the media, at the meeting last Thursday night. Many of whom have experienced the increase of violence, and have seen the drug trafficking and use between the shelters.
Not only residents of the area, but business people came forward to explaining how their work, and fear for their customers safety has been affected.
When running for Mayor, Gregor Robertson and Vision wanted to improving the quality of life for all. Has Gregor forgotten the people of False Creek? In the more than 6 months that the shelters had been open, the City of Vancouver had never approached anyone with regard to them. Transparent, no it has all been done in a back room.
As far as the rat situation goes, I had never seen rats in this neighborhood, till the city started flushing the lane on a regular bases in an attempt to clean up after the shelters.

The only true rats and (power) addicts in the Heat area are the local politicians . Whats next ? Maybe the City will take all the nice homeless people for dinner at C or a nice sunset dinner cruise on us the taxpayers ?

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