Did the NDP's donation to COPE break election rules?

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Is a tax-deductible donation to the NDP now the way to support COPE?

CityCaucus.com readers may remember the ruckus created when it was learned (thanks to a Sean Holman story) that COPE were using resources on their campaign provided by NDP MLA David Chudnovsky's office. Well, it looks like COPE filed a supplementary disclosure as if to say, oops, we screwed up. It was not really the MLA's constituency office, it was his NDP riding association. Oh, thanks for clearing that one up!

Alas, the supplementary disclosure raises new questions about donations made to Vancouver's ultra-left political party. It looks like a number of in-kind donations (those are donations made of services or equipment and reported back to the City with a true market value for them) were made from both the BC and Federal NDP party organizations. Vancouver-Kensington is a Provincial riding where Chudnovsky was the MLA. Vancouver-Kingsway (the name of both a Federal and Provincial riding with different boundaries) is the home of NDP MP Don Davies.

From the BC NDP group came $2200 worth of support. From the Federal NDP came $300 worth of support. Hey, no big whoop, right? Everyone knows that COPE, like Vision Vancouver, are life partners with the NDP. However, it's more complicated than that.

Can people now just donate to the NDP, and get the tax deduction, as a way to support COPE? How about give a donation to the BC Liberals and they'll just pass it along to the NPA?

Yeah, we wondered that, too. That's why we've put that question to the Office of BC's Chief Electoral Officer Harry Neufeld earlier today. We expect that Neufeld's office will respond forthwith, and we'll share that information with our readers when we get it.

Who knows, maybe the kids at COPE will have to hit up Carbon Cadman again for a loan to pay it back.

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