CTF promotes "Gas Tax Honesty Day"

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A taxpayer watchdog wants you to know where your gas taxes are flowing

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation recently held its Gas Tax Honesty Day and municipal governments are no less responsible that the Feds for the ballooning tax burden placed on us at the pumps.

Some interesting numbers care of the BC arm of the CTF:

  • In the Lower Mainland, 37% of pump price is taxes and most goes to Translink.
  • Taxes included in the 37% include: 10-cent per litre federal tax, a 6.75-cent British Columbia Transportation Authority tax, a 2.34-cent carbon tax, a 1.75-cent provincial tax and, the biggest of them all, a 12-cent TransLink tax.
  • Drivers also pay GST on the entire pump price, including other taxes!
  • Translink tax amount has increased from 8 cents per litre in 1999 to 12 cents today and it makes $262 million from the taxes.
  • Under new legislation, TransLink is able to raise its gas tax to 15 cents per litre.

We all know that Translink is struggling for cash, and making their pitch for more dollars, while Metro mayors ask for carbon tax revenue the Province says doesn't exist. It's going to be interesting to watch the debate among all these stakeholders in the coming months over funding.

Full editorial by the CTF Provincial Director Maureen Bader can be read at: http://www.taxpayer.com/taxpayer/news-archive?news_id=3540

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