COOOOOOOOOPE! Elections BC cuts them a break

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Alright, COPE. You've won this round. We'll meet again. In another galaxy. Phasers locked in.

Here's the letter of response from Chief Electoral Officer Harry Neufeld in response to our inquiry on COPE's "donation" from the NDP.

I have been asked by Chief Electoral Officer to respond to your email.

The Election Act does not prohibit a registered constituency association from making a contribution of money or goods and services to a municipal campaign. Registered constituency associations are required to disclose donations and gifts in their annual financial report.

Tax receipts may be issued by a registered constituency association or registered political party for political contributions of money. How the funds are subsequently used is at the discretion of the organization, within the limitations of the Election Act.

I trust this addresses your concern.


Louise Sawdon
Manager, Electoral Finance
Elections BC

Duly noted. For anyone wishing to get a tax break on a contribution to a municipal campaign, where there are no tax refunds issued, now you have it from the Chief Electoral Officer that you may donate until you're blue in the face to a federal or provincial party, and they in turn may kick it over to a civic party. You get issued the tax receipt, and the civic party gets the contribution.

Nice to know that.

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