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cbc-logoIt's Tuesday, so that means the CKNW civic affairs panel on the Bill Good Show with guest host Michael Smyth will air today at 9:00 am.

cknw_logo You can expect the panelists will discuss topics such as the Mayor's bungling of the HEAT shelters, the Burrard Bridge lane closure experiment, Metro Vancouver salaries and much much more. If you're in your office, you can tune in via the internet by clicking on the "live" audio button. CKNW can be found at 980 on the dial. Joining Daniel Fontaine on the panel are Frances Bula, blogger and journalist and Jim Green, development consultant.

Be sure to tune in to Erin Chutter, regular contributor as she appears every Monday at 7:20 on the CBC's Early Edition. You can find CBC in Vancouver at 690 on the AM dial.

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I am listening to the program right now. How can you sit there without wanting to slap Jim Green? what does Beruit have to do with the conversation on bike lanes. Unbelievable.

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