Cernetig asks Carbon Cadman to make a choice

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Councillor Carbon Cadman has to make a choice. Is the prize behind door number 3?

The ongoing saga of COPE Councillor 'Carbon' Cadman took an interesting twist with today's excellent column in the Vancouver Sun written by Miro Cernetig. Cernetig first wrote about Cadman's hypocrisy about a week ago. This was followed-up by an opinion piece authored by Carbon Cadman himself which was then published in the Sun.

In today's column Cernetig writes:

This week, while Vancouver city hall sat, he was away in Edmonton, for something called the ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability World Congress. In September, he's scheduled to get to Hong Kong and Shenzhen for similar meetings. In October, the councillor is heading off to Milan, for an event co-sponsored by the World Economic Forum. Then in December, it's back to Copenhagen, to attend the United Nations Convention on Climate Change.

I get exhausted just reading it. This may be Canada's busiest city councillor. So, of course, it goes without saying, he's going to miss a few city hall meetings. Who wouldn't with this sort of global schedule?

Carbon Cadman just doesn't get it. Does he realize that most people are simply now laughing at him? That's the kiss of death for any politician. The choice for voters is to either laugh or cry at how many tax dollars Cadman has gobbled up as he jet sets around the world saving the environment.

Like Cernetig, I too want to credit Jeff Nagel, one of the best municipal reporters in Metro Vancouver for his work on this file. Nagel is the Lower Mainland regional reporter for Black Press papers.

He just wrote a story in which he reports the compensation for Metro Vancouver directors has ballooned by 44% over the last 4 years alone under the dismal leadership of Chair Lois Jackson.

Chair Jackson's propensity for setting up a myriad of committees and sub-committees is costing taxpayers a bundle. That's because every director attending committee meetings can get up to $630 bucks in extra pay per session. Here is an excerpt from Nagel's piece:

Jackson said pay for the regional work of local politicians is still small compared to the "tremendously high stipends" paid to directors of TransLink, YVR and B.C. Ferries.

"A lot of value comes from local government," she added. "We sit all the time. We're 24 and seven if something goes sideways."

Excuse me Ms. Jackson, but I rather doubt someone sitting on the municipal toilet flush committee are "on call" in case the sewer system backs up. I thought that's what the engineering department staff were supposed to do?

We've already asked for Ms. Jackson to step aside, and her mishandling of the Cadman affair is yet another reason for her to go.

Cernetig summed it up well when he said:

So, I've got some advice for David Cadman in this climate. You can't win on this one.

I'm sure some of your Vancouver city hall colleagues will fill you in at the next council meeting, if you can attend. Nobody can be in two places at once. Taxpayers expect a stay-at-home representative, with gold-star attendance.

It's time to pick one job, Mr. President. Be a City of Vancouver councillor. Or be president of ICLEI. Go global or be local. It's time to make the choice.


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