Carbon Cadman should "show some restraint", says Langley Times

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Councillor Cadman was so busy travelling the world at taxpayers expense he actually missed the $88,000 inaugural party hosted by Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson last December

With the headline blaring out "show some restraint", the Langley Times wrote a hard-hitting editorial today which takes issue with the way some municipal officials are spending property tax dollars. As many of our readers know, revealed that Mayor Robertson and his Vision Council spent over $88,000 on a lavish inaugural party last December. It was the first decision made by the new council. Robertson's second decision was to fire city manager Judy Rogers and pay her over $570,000 in severance.

We also revealed that Mayor Robertson recently supported sending a city delegation to Las Vegas at a cost of almost $20,000 for a technical training session. Now the Times takes issue with Langley Councillor Gayle Martin and the amount of money she is claiming as a board director for Metro Vancouver. They state:

Municipal governments are supposed to be closest to the people, but many of those elected to those bodies have dollars in their eyes. They must start realizing where those dollars come from.

Langley City Councillor Gayle Martin, who chairs the Metro Vancouver parks committee, is one of the biggest collectors of Metro funds. In 2008, she collected $30,990 for attending Metro meetings. This is considerably more than she is paid as a member of council. Langley City councillors are paid $19,000 annually.

If you recall, it was Martin who was openly critical of COPE Councillor David 'Carbon' Cadman for his $100,000+ claims for international travel on behalf of an obscure organization known as ICLEI.

Here's what Frank Bucholtz had to say about Carbon Cadman in his editorial:

Then there’s Vancouver Councillor David Cadman, who isn’t even a Metro director. He claimed $30,877 for meeting attendance and another $12,776 for expenses. Cadman is president of the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives, and is a member of the Metro waste management committtee.

As president of the group he regularly flies off to conferences about sustainability in places such as Iceland, Germany, China and Italy. While he is preaching sustainability, he is busy using massive amounts of carbon via jet airplane. The rest of us better practice sustainability.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities recently held their annual convention at the resort village of Whistler. The convention brings together almost every municipal leader from across the country to participate in workshops, plenaries and the occasional cocktail session.

The Times had this observation regarding Councillor Jack Arnold:

Then there’s the Federation of Canadian municipalities. The recent convention in Whistler featured hotel rooms at $350 per night, according to one Township councillor. City Councillor Jack Arnold regularly attends these meetings, but never gives a report to council of what he gleans from them. In July, 2008, he billed the City for $8,000 in expenses.

Taxpayers need to get some respect from these high-flying, quick to charge politicians. Taxpayers are feeling the pinch — councillors need to start noticing.

Needless to say, the countless staff and volunteers at towers couldn't agree more. Kudos to the Langley Times for the continuing coverage of this story.


all of this gives me the distinct impression that the taxpayers are once again getting Royally screwed by our elected representatives

It might be interesting to compile a list of the Metro Vancouver councillors and their expenses towards these conferences or anything else they need the city to pay for. Then add a column for results.

Did the taxpayer receive value in the way of new usable information or beneficial alliances for their city?

Then publish the list right before the next civic elections.

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