Carbon Cadman finally grounded by Metro Vancouver Board

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Metro Vancouver Board has now voted to ground Carbon Cadman indefinitely

After a tonne of negative PR over providing funding for COPE Councillor David Cadman's world travel over the last several years, the Metro Vancouver board has voted to put a halt to all the junkets. As many of our readers will recall, CityCaucus first revealed through an FOI that David 'Carbon' Cadman had billed Metro Vancouver taxpayers for over $100,000 in travel and expenses for a series of junkets he attended around the world. Some of the far-flung destinations included Bali, Japan and the Ivory Coast.

We were contacted today by a kind Director on the Metro Vancouver board (and an admitted fan) who informed us that on Thursday, the Metro Vancouver Finance committee met and voted to recommend to the board of directors that Carbon Cadman be grounded – at least for now. Here is a copy of the motion that was unanimously passed on Friday afternoon:

That the Board:

i. authorize a budget in the maximum amount of $8,500 for remuneration and
expenses for attendance by Alternate Director Cadman at ICLEI related events
for the first six months of 2009, for expenses related to the ICLEI Management
and Executive Committee and Board meetings in Edmonton June 12-19, 2009;
ii. approve that if funds are requested by Alternate Director Cadman in relation to
ICLEI services after June 2009, expenses must be pre-approved by the Board,
with full information.

On May 4th, Councillor Cadman wrote an impassioned letter begging the directors of Metro Vancouver to consider what might happen if they stopped funding his overseas junkets. He states that his trips planned for this fall should be a relatively inexpensive affair for the Metro Region:

And it is very likely my flights and accommodation for the fall trips to Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Milan and Copenhagen will be covered once again leaving Metro Vancouver to cover the director's honorarium and per deems.

Metro Directors can claim almost $700 per day in fees and tax free per diems when they are working outside Vancouver on behalf of the Region. David Cadman has not been a director on the board of Metro Vancouver since 2005 when COPE lost the election to the NPA.

Needless to say, even though Carbon Cadman pleaded with the directors to allow him the opportunity to claim directors fees and per diems for his trips, they rejected that request.

Although, they have left a little wriggle room should Mr. Cadman demonstrate that he is providing value to the taxpayers of Metro Vancouver. The motion does state Cadman now has to make a request each time he wants to jet off to another environmental conference to help reduce global carbon emissions.

Cadman is currently out of Vancouver on yet another junket, and will be missing a few more council and committee meetings this week.

That means that unlike his council colleagues who are slogging away debating pot holes and subsidized rental housing, he is eligible to claim over $600 per day in directors fees and per diems for this "business trip." This is in addition to his base salary for being a councillor - something he gets regardless of whether he shows up to work or not.

In his letter to Metro Chair Lois Jackson dated May 4th, Cadman kindly outlines where he plans to be over the next few months:

  • From May 17-May 21, 2009 I will be attending the US Climate Summit and ICLEI USA Board of Directors meeting in Washington DC
  • From May 30 to June 4, 2009 I will be attending the Local Government Climate Leadership Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • From June 11 to June 19, 2009 I will be attending ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability World Congress and Executive Committee meeting in Edmonton, Alberta
  • From September 15-September 18, 2009 I will be attending the a meeting sponsored by ICLEI and UCLG in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China.
  • From October 14-October 17, 2009 I will be attending a meeting organizedby ICLEI and the World Economic Forum in Milan, Italy
  • From December 6-December 19 I will be attending the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Cop 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

So at least for now, has saved Metro Vancouver taxpayers a few dollars. Now might be a good time to remind to everyone that donations to our research fund are always welcome!

On a final note, a special acknowledgment should go to Langley Councillor and Metro Vancouver Director Gayle Martin for helping to raise the issue of Councillor Cadman's ICLEI expense claims. It was brave of her to face the possible wrath of Carbon Cadman. For those efforts, all taxpayers should give her a round of applause.

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UPDATE: The Langley Times reports on Cadman's trips.

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