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The Tri-City News asks what kind of carbon emissions David Cadman spewed out flying all over the world to attend environmental conferences

Another editorial has now been published which blasts Vancouver Councillor David 'Carbon' Cadman for his taxpayer funded international travel serving as President of an obscure organization known as ICLEI. The Tri-City News writes: 

David Cadman, a Vancouver director, snagged himself a position on the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, an organization of cities pursuing sustainability. For this peachy post, he can claim fees for meetings held abroad. True, much of the travel and accommodation costs for Cadman's travel abroad is being picked up by other organizations, including ICLEI, rather than Metro Vancouver, but we still cover some of the costs of his visits to Spain, Italy, Bali, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Germany and the Netherlands for climate change, sustainability and world peace events.

(Perhaps, he hasn't considered the fact that all that airplane travel is spewing those very same greenhouse gasses he wants to reduce.)

Over the last several weeks, Metro Vancouver Chair Lois Jackson and David Cadman have been taking a lot of heat for the $100,000+ that was provided to fund the councillor's travel. Yesterday, Jackson was on CKNW radio and made a lame attempt at defending why this was allowed to happen under her leadership. The Tri-City News goes on to state:

The signs of recession are everywhere if you read the doom and gloom predictions of B.C. economists — everywhere except at Metro Vancouver where the pay is good and the travel perks are even better

Nobody's saying Metro Vancouver politicians are bilking taxpayers like those British politicians who tried to slip moat-cleaning expense claims past the auditors, and nearly succeeded. But this year at least, we hope directors use a bit more discretion in deciding which conferences to attend, and where.

They could meet closer to home, for example, and take public transit.

Doing so, they'll set a good example, save money, and reduce their environmental footprint.

Now, that would be smart politicking.

As we reported earlier, is also trying to confirm if Carbon Cadman intends to make a full claim for his $2500 Deputy Mayor stipend he's entitled to receive this month. Cadman was out of town for parts of June and was unable to fulfill his duties. Each Vancouver councillor is entitled to become Deputy Mayor at least one month per year during their three year term.

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