Will next management departure be 'buried in election cycle'?

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paparazziVancouver paparazzi await word from Mayor's Office on who's next to bail from City Hall

Someone clicked on our little brown envelope button to advise us that the ink is about to dry on yet another severance package for another top-ranking public servant at Vancouver City Hall. If they're right, the exodus continues, while the Mayor's apologists (you know who you are) will keep spinning out that everything is hunky dory at Happy Planet headquarters on the corner of 12th and Cambie.

CityCaucus.com broke the story that James Ridge, the Deputy City Manager had taken a pay cut and was calling it quits at City Hall after only a couple years in the job. With word now leaking out that another senior manager may have handed in her resignation, we're sure the spin meisters on the 3rd floor are busily trying to figure out if she has any grandchildren she'd like to play with.

Our source states "the announcement of this latest departure is being timed to coincide with the provincial election, so as to help bury it in the election cycle".  With everyone focusing on the BC election, it is likely that no one will bother to write or even blog about this latest departure. Well, maybe not everyone.

Since Mayor Robertson has taken power, he's fired the City Manager and both of the Deputy City Managers have quit. In addition, the head of the city's Olympic operations as well as the Fire Chief have thrown in the towel.

We can also now officially confirm the City did not provide former Deputy City Manager Jody Andrews with any kind of a severance package upon his departure, despite rumours swirling out there to the contrary.

In response to one of our FOI requests, the Manager, Corporate Information and Privacy states in a letter dated April 30, 2009:

I am responding to your request of April 28th for a line by line breakdown of the total amount of severance provided to former Deputy City Manager, Jody Andrews, by the City of Vancouver.

I am informed that no severance package has been paid to Mr. Andrews.

There you have it. It's official. Mr. Andrews left his position and wasn't paid a dime in severance.

It should also be noted that in response to another FOI filed March 26, 2009, the City of Vancouver advised CityCaucus.com:

I am responding to your request of March 26th, 2009 for copies of all correspondence between former Deputy City Manager, Jody Andrews or his legal representative, and the City of Vancouver between January 15 and March 20, 2009 and a breakdown of any severance package paid out by the City of Vancouver to Mr. Andrews subsequent to his departure from the City.

I am informed that no severance package has been paid to Mr. Andrews.

I have located 12 pages of correspondence that is responsive to your request. I am withholding these records in their entirety as they are excepted from disclosure under section 22 (1) of the Act:

22(1) The head of a public body must refuse to disclose personal information to an applicant if the disclosure would be an unreasonable invasion of a third party's personal privacy.


Andrews has done enough to damage the city with his "leadership" of the Olympic village mess, to compensate him further when he ran out the door because the project accountability heat got a liite too hot would be a further insult to the taxpayers of Vancouver.

He should have stood up a defended his leadership of the project but instead he ran for the hills...

Well PM, you just don't know the facts! Vision has been in blame game mode since they were sworn into office. I believe they made the temperature rise to boiling point and pushed Jody out the door. A number of staff who know Jody and his work ethics will attest to this as well.

People who know what they are talking about would agree with Rachel. To the original comment (from PM?), think about your flip comments and their impacts on the people who dedicate their lives to public service and those of us who benefit from their contributions.

What exactly do you know about Mr. Andrews'leadership, or about the Olympic Village? That it is the most sustainable development on the planet? (Leed gold for all buildings except the two leed platinum ones) That it is on schedule? That Mr. Andrews trained over 300 people from the inner city and and employed 100 to work on the project? That it was built to a Council mandate of a third non market housing? (think about that: a third of the product was mandated to not only not produce revenue, but to be subsidized by the project budget). That even with all that it was still built to within 10 percent of the preliminary budget in the hottest construction industry in north america? That the first herring run in recorded history from False Creek came from the restored Olympic Village shoreline? That financing safeguards were in place that allowed the city to intervene and take out the New York financiers at a much lower interest rate?

You may think you're jumping on some sort of populist band wagon with your sweeping and cynical criticism and judgment about someone you clearly do not know, but you're not. Your type of comment is irresponsible, lacks integrity, and insults the public servants and taxpayers of Vancouver alike. We deserve better.

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