What does it take to be a CityCaucus.com guest editorialist?

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Why not soundoff on a civic issue and have thousands of people read your guest editorial?

As many of you know, we launched CityCaucus.com nearly 5 months ago, and since then, tens of thousands of you have logged on and helped to launch Canada's most successful urban affairs blog.

Since December, we've had a couple of guest editorials from community leaders like COPE Councillor Tim Louis, former Mayor Sam Sullivan, and most recently from Michael Geller, an architect/developer and a former City Council candidate.

We thought it was time to invite our readers (that's you) to submit a guest editorial on a civic topic of interest to you. Whether you're an aspiring civic politician, a current politician, or simply someone who wants to make some noise on a local issue, why not draft a quick post and pass it along to us? We've received over 170,000 page views in the first few months since our inaugural post, so rest assured your work will be well circulated.

CityCaucus.com is run through the volunteer efforts of Mike Klassen, Eric Mang and myself, and we welcome your contributions. Whether you're left, centre, right or even none of the above, why not take a few minutes and submit something to us. The ideal submission is around 600 words, is pithy, opinionated, and interesting.

If you have an interest in a civic issue, but feeling a little shy, we'll also consider submissions using a nom de plume as well, as long as they stay focused on urban affairs in Canada. Whether you want to remain anonymous or not, please submit your guest editorial to citycaucus@gmail.com today.

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