Vancouver City Hall chamber evacuated due to 'toxic smoke'

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Vancouver Council evacuated from Chamber last evening due to 'toxic smoke' says Anton

The switchboard at tower hadn't even opened up yet early this morning when we received a voicemail from Councillor Suzanne Anton. According to her message, all that heat and smoke in the chamber yesterday wasn't related to the debate over the Burrard Street Bridge lane closures.

Anton states there were noxious fumes present in the Chamber for the better part of yesterday afternoon. A number of staff and councillors complained about it. Then around 7 pm toxic smoke started billowing into the chamber as council was still in session.

The fire alarm then apparently went off and everyone was ordered to evacuate the building. Unfortunately, Council had not quite finished their business. As the fire trucks were enroute to City Hall, Marg Coulson, City Clerk also bolted into action.

Ms. Coulson had all the members of Council gather on the front steps of City Hall in order to ensure the meeting was properly concluded. She confirmed there was quorum when the Mayor then duly ordered the meeting come to a close.

"It was a sight to see," says Anton. "There was our whole Council on the south side of the building holding what I think was the first outdoor meeting in a long time. I must say, it was quite refreshing. The air that is."

Our research team has been unable to confirm from City Hall officials as to what the source of the smoke was last evening. But we're pretty sure it has nothing to do with either the Mayor's "HEAT" initiative or the heat Vision is taking over the Burrard Bridge lane closures.

Update: Frances Bula has also posted on this story as well. She reports the smoke was related to broken fan in an air conditioning unit.

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