Turning the lights back on after a long weekend

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CityCaucus.com comes back from the garden

The Victoria Day (May) long weekend as any BCer (that's British Columbian) will tell you is an important Rite of Spring. For avid gardeners like Danny and Mikey there is no greater battle than taking on buttercup infestation, or managing morning glory that the neighbour is letting creep under the fence.

Then there are our family units, who often wonder when we'll ever come down off the 37th floor at CityCaucus Tower. Even adding a massage table and a kids playroom in the Tower that would rival the best Chuck E. Cheese can hardly smooth over our wives and children on a long weekend.

Then there is Daniel's obsessive attention to the New Westminster Anvil Battery, which he's not missed in almost 20 years. Here is a video Daniel took of his unsuspecting cousin at this important annual event.

And Mike, ever the do-it-yourselfer, spent about a day under the kitchen sink repairing a broken pipe. Ah, long weekends were made for this stuff.

So forgive us, dear readers, for taking a little break. The lights are back on, the coffee is brewing, and the issues keep piling up for us to write about. CityCaucus.com is back in business.

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