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It took engineering staff less than 6 hours to respond to my request for back lane repairs

When you call city hall, you never really know what kind of service to expect. I recently decided that my back lane was looking just a little too much like a poorly neglected forestry road. I decided to call New Westminster City Hall to find out what my options were.

Let me first say that I couldn't simply dial 311 to report that my back lane needed some major repairs. Rather, as I was on the road and had to use my cel to call 411 (for a fee) and asked them to connect me to city hall. I then spoke to someone in reception who passed me along to someone in the engineering department.

I reported to them in the morning that my back lane had a number of major potholes that needed to be repaired. The conversation lasted all of about 5 minutes. Much to my surprise, when I got home later that day, sections of my back lane had been repaved and the potholes were history.

There are many times that people gripe about their city property taxes, but I for one can report that on this issue, I got my money's worth.  Kudos to the the NW engineering department for such prompt service.

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It would be a dream to have that happen in Vancouver. Maybe 311 will help?

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