Speculation now turns to Robertson's NDP leadership aspirations

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Now that Carole James has gone down to defeat, will Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson become the NDP's new saviour?

Now that NDP leader Carole James has been served up a crushing defeat in the BC election, speculation is sure to rise as to who will become her replacement. The obvious front-runner is former NDP MLA, now Mayor of Vancouver Gregor Robertson.

You can expect there will be a lot of pressure on James to step down in the coming months. She's had two shots at forming a majority government, and it's unlikely the party membership will provide her with a third opportunity. Although many of my NDP contacts believe she wants to stay on for a three-peat of her own.

If James does step aside, as many expect her to do, it opens up the race for someone like Gregor Robertson. A man who clearly has aspirations well beyond the Mayor's chair. Given the NDP won't likely hold a full-blown leadership race for at least a year or so, he will have lots of time to decide whether he wants to bail. If you recall, Robertson never finished his one-term as MLA as he quit to seek the leadership of the Vision Vancouver party.

We suspect His Worship will soak up all the attention he gets in the next few months as people ponder his future political prospects. However, at the end of the day, there are likely two or three NDP MLAs that have both the party machinery and membership beind them to win any kind of contest against Robertson. Thus, we expect he'll be around in 2011 to attempt a two-peat, something that hasn't happened since Mayor Philip Owen.

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Don't tell Mike Farnsworth, among others.

Gridlock Gregor has a camera face but a bag of hammers mind.

Holy. He's barely started his job as mayor and we are already speculating about this next political move. Why have we turned politicians into celebrities?

I would love to see him run as the NDP candidate and let Diane Watts lead the Liberals. She would clean his clock.

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