Senior manager steps back from the brink

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A Vancouver manager chooses not to pull the rip cord on public service career

Last week we reported on a tip we received from someone within Vancouver City Hall who indicated another senior level manager was about to call it quits.

We have since been contacted (via an intermediary) to confirm the senior manager in question has now pulled back from the brink and decided not to pull the rip cord - at least for another few months. This despite the fact that only a few weeks they apparently opened up a dialogue to map out an exit strategy.

The intermediary told our receptionist, "on this one, your team suffered from a very bad case of premature evacuation." Ouch, that one hurts.

In keeping with the post's theme of "burying stuff in the election cycle," we thought we'd post this on May 11th in the hopes that no one actually reads it due to the big event tomorrow in BC.

And if you do live in BC, make sure you get out and vote!

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